Director Speaks


Dear Colleagues,

Since our inception in 1965, Light Publications has always placed great importance on developing good working relationships with our customers as well as our staff members. Our professional mindset combined with our personal service sets us apart in the industry and has made the company a leader in printing and packaging.

My vision for Light Publications is to create new business prospects and to expand our existing potential with an innovative approach. In this increasingly competitive world, it is gratifying to be part of a proficient and motivated team with a legacy of continuous and dynamic growth in business. It takes passion, determination, and patience to transform ideas into effective solutions and even more so to turn those into products that contribute to the success of the company.

To realise our vision, we will continue to place emphasis on the value of a highly trained workforce and technological upgrading, as well as the introduction of new policies and effective tools for augmented productivity, like the newly implemented Quality Circles. At the same time, the personal growth of our team members is of equal importance to maintaining a driven and enthusiastic staff.

I look forward to the outcome of each new initiative and I am confident of my team's support in the Company's future achievements. We look ahead to every new member joining and contributing to our future history.